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      The word ZONA-FIED is an acronyn of ariZONA and uniFIED. The idea was created when the founder James Manley Jr was designing the metropolaz community. During developement of Zonafied, he got the idea to instead of  creating a what's up network of paying companies to advertise their entertainment on, he would instead create a platform entirely dedicated to local user content. Zonafied Family is based of many companies that offer different services and collaborate on projects as a team (A Family). This gives companies the opportunity to get more professional options from one service.


      Media Machine AZ's Professional Graphic Artists specialize in high quality graphics that stand out over the competition. Vivid colors, clean crops and a artistic view allows every project to be unique and visually stimulating and eye catching to the human eye. Contact us today and let our friendly staff create a look for your brand and/or product that is totally iconic.


      When it comes to getting that perfect shot, experience matters. Bishop 57 has been in the valley for many years and has covered many events in the Metropolitan area of Phoenix. Starting with simple photos, John found that he had a natural talent and a keen eye for perfection. All one has to do is watch one of the many 4K music videos he has filmed or the photography from his shoots to know, Bishop 57 Studios is for those whom want perfection.

Unifying the world's talent and skills brings all that life has to offer through sharing, collaborating and most important of all is support for one another during the good times and in the bad.